Redesigning the funeral experience to meet the needs of today's modern families

Fragment offers a renewed funeral experience with products and services that reflect today’s human needs. We support accompanies our clients in mourning to commemorate the departure of the loved one and to anchor the experience in the present moment to better live the future. Our offer promotes the spirit of sharing among the mourners to mark the importance of funeral rites and their usefulness in our lives. 

We help those in mourning to honor the memory of the deceased in an authentic and meaningful way and also accompany them throughout their grief. 


David Beaulieu

Co-Founder - CEO

David Beaulieu, the creator of Fragment, was introduced to the funeral world at a very young age. After spending 15 years in the funeral field and observing industry trends, he become interested in the modernization of funerary rituals and a better anchoring in our current cultural practices.

Pier-Luc Fournier
Co-Founder, innovation and contents

Pier-Luc Fournier comes from the funeral world, he grew up and evolved in it. After his studies in thanatology and psychology he traveled in more than 30 countries to discover the diverse funeral rituals. He was a funeral director in 4 funeral homes in Quebec and Ontario. Always motivated by the innovation and evolution of the field, it is with Fragment that he wishes to renew the funeral industry.


Martin Chouinard

Co-Founder - Sales and marketing

Martin Chouinard is a sales and marketing manager with over 15 years of business development and promotional marketing experience. He is recognized for his strategic vision and his entrepreneurial sense, he develops sales and marketing action plans, adapted to different markets and industries.

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Josée Masson

Grief content

Josée Masson, a social worker, has developed recognized expertise in Quebec and beyond in the area of ​​bereavement. Trainer and lecturer, she has been involved in the public network for thirteen years before embarking on the adventure of the private, creating Deuil-Jeunesse. Very involved in her professional order, she is also an ambassador for the Corporation des thanatologues du Québec and a consultant for several media.


Vincent Ramesay

Creative Director

Senior Creative Director at Sid Lee, Vincent Ramsay-Lemelin has over 15 years of experience as a digital creative. He has been actively involved in the creation and branding of large-scale accounts and has seen his journey dotted with prestigious awards. (Webby Awards, FWA et Marketing Interactive Awards, Créa, Boomerang, Applied Arts and more).

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Jean-François Côté

Head Technology

Jean-François Côté has over 15 years of experience with the PVP Group and its digital media department. It implements multiplatform digital strategies to help the client achieve their goals or solve business problems. He is the leader of a team of experts with whom he innovates by producing quality digital projects.