Concrete and Light

Concrete and Light


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Feel, Deal and Heal

What if a commemorative object could communicate with you and help you cope with grief? Introducing Fragment’s patent-pending prototype named Concrete and Light, the first connected object that relates to grief, mourning, and death. With its natural and sleek design, Concrete and Light is a modern memento: A commemorative object that reacts to your presence and delivers curated content on the process of grieving. Aiming to revalue funeral rituals and assist the bereaved in coping with the transition of a loved one from a physical and bodily presence to an abstract or spiritual presence. The need to commemorate through an object is an age old ritual; let’s bring it into the modern age.

Unique features

The platform gives users access to an array of curated content relating to grief, mourning, and death, where they can find a community of people dealing with similar experiences and interact with them. It first gives users the opportunity to access the social tribute video to share more memories or simply to review it. Users can also create a journal where memories are written or recorded. These fragments of time can also be shared with family and friends dealing with the same loss. The user’s interactions with the app provide it more information on what content they should receive, and more importantly when they should receive it. Our intelligent algorithm uses a mixture of user and AI input to automatically sort through thousands of different sources and suggest relevant content.

Touch and feel in a virtual world

Concrete and Light brings together the physical presence of a memorial object and virtual interactions into one simple device. In a world where funeral rituals are often over too quickly, the need to hang on a “real” object, representing the physical presence of the deceased, makes even more sense. Having a personal, physical memorial to focus on and touch when needed, is an important part of grieving.

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